Our Hospitals will submit their lists of urgently required medications and medical consumables to Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe(SOHZ) every month or as and when there is a crisis.

The lists will be made public in order for Zimbabwean citizens both home and abroad to see what is needed and then choose what they are willing and able to contribute towards.

Only those that prefer not to be identified will not have their names next to their donations, but the donations will be made public nontheless for transparency purposes.

Donors can also choose a specific central hospital that they want to donate to or support on a regular basis.

They can also choose to adopt and or support a specific area of medicines such as paediatric medicine or psychiatry.


Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe will seek to assist Harare, Chitungwiza, Parirenyatwa, Mpilo, Ingutsheni and United Bulawayo Hospitals by mobilizing resources both at home and abroad that would be used to assist the hospitals with the desperately needed medical consumables and or equipment.

These six hospitals are the central hospitals that look after the seriously ill patients from across the country so they look after all the provinces of Zimbabwe.


We ask Zimbabwean individuals and corporations both home and abroad to organize themselves into groups or associations that will facilitate in the fundraising efforts.

These efforts will include the payment for drugs and medical consumables being procured from places such as India, South Africa and China.

There is NO donation that is BIGGER or SMALL, every little will help towards achieving the bigger goal of making our hospitals start working again.

You can contribute towards the goal not just by donating money or goods, but also by donating your precious time as a volunteer wherever you maybe and also through making this initiative known and viable by spreading the word.

Together we can make a difference. Brick by brick we can re-build our public health service again

This initiative belongs to you, the people of our country and all those who live in it together with our friends anywhere in the world.
It is a non-partisan and non-sectarian citizen initiative meant to harness the desire expressed by citizens and corporates to help our hospitals and our doctors to deliver a decent health care service in our public hospitals.


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