The public health care system in Zimbabwe is in a critical state and lives are being needlessly lost.

Public health care has suffered from years of under investment and the situation has resulted in the health delivery system becoming a risk to both the service users and those tasked with delivering the services within it.

As concerned citizens we have launched Save Our Hospitals (SOHZ) to try and arrest the situation and help health care professionals discharge a decent service to their patients who invariably are the poorest of the poor in Zimbabwe.

These citizens don’t have medical insurance that would allow them to use private health care services due to the dire economic circumstances that they find themselves in.

The SOHZ initiative involves collecting and shipping equipment and resources that may assist in rehabilitating the public health care delivery system.

This effort is supported and involves senior health professionals within the Zimbabwean health delivery system and professionals from the Church, Human Rights and Law, Media, Business and Civic Society.

This initiative belongs to the people of Zimbabwe especially those who use public hospitals and all those who wish to assist  in the rebuilding of the broken public health delivery system.

It is a non-partisan and non-sectarian citizen initiative meant to harness the desire expressed by Zimbabwean citizens across the board and the corporate world and friends of Zimbabwe to help our hospitals in order for our doctors in public hospitals to deliver a decent health care service.

SOHZ is all about providing critical help that will result in patients not fearing public hospitals or seeing them as death traps as they do today, due to lack of basic medicines, medical consumables and medical equipment.

This citizen initiative has been caused by a failure to give hospitals the required funding that would help them to buy the medical drugs and consumables that are key in order for medical professionals to save lives.

How can we help?

For transparency, all donations will be published on this website and there will be a record of where donations would have gone to, and how they would have been used, all this information will be available on this website.
Our role is to facilitate in the distribution of medical supplies and materials that are needed in the hospitals and also to monitor the distribution of donated medicines, equipment and medical consumables.
Individual citizens, friends of Zimbabwe and the corporate world will pay for the material they want to donate and have it delivered to the hospital of their own choice through a transparent process facilitated by Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe.

Meet Our Team | Guardians Of The Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe

Beatrice Mtetwa
Human Rights Lawyer

Dr. Charles Mazhude
Consultant Specialist Physician, Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust, UK


Prof. Rati Ndlovhu
Nephrologist & Professor of Medicine (UZ).


Dr. Solomon Guramatunhu

Bishop Chad Gandiya
Anglican Church


Pindie Nyandoro
Standard Bank Regional Chief Executive: Southern and Central Africa


Prof. Dixon Chibanda
Consultant Psychiatrist & Professor of Psychiatry at UZ and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Ben Manyenyeni
Former Mayor for Harare


Dr. Donald Mutangadura
Consultant Dermatologist


Hopewell Chin’ono​
Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker

Mission Statement

The Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe (SOHZ) initiative was motivated by the catastrophic break down of the public hospital health delivery system in Zimbabwe.
The initiative seeks to mobilize resources in the form of medical drugs, medical consumables, hospital medical equipment and cash donations from Zimbabweans both home and abroad and also from international well wishers.
The Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe (SOHZ) team will be the custodian of the process from start to finish between the hospitals, citizenry, friends of Zimbabwe and the corporate world to ensure accountability and trust.
The six public hospitals will set up trusts that will be run by senior doctors who are Heads of Departments in those hospitals.
These trusts through a representative will then hand over a report detailing their needs to the SOHZ team that will then make the call out for assistance.
The chairperson of each trust will have a seat on the SOHZ team so that each hospital knows what will be happening at the other hospitals and work in unison to halt the health disaster that has engulfed public hospitals.
The process will be transparent to both the medical practitioners and the donors. The SOHZ team will provide the hospital trusts with ideas and with mobilizing the required resources and also providing expert advice at NO cost at all to the hospital trusts.

Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe Chairman, Bishop Chad Gandiya with Parirenyatwa Hospital Head of Paediatrics, Dr Azza Mashumba and the Parirenyatwa Hospital Clinical Director, Dr Noah Madziva.

The emotional appeal for assistance in public hospitals by Dr Azza Mashumba ignited a national sense of urgency and immediacy that gave birth to Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe, a citizen initiative to help the frontline doctors deliver a decent health care service.

This initiative is not partisan but a national call for all Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe to do their bit in keeping our public hospitals going.