15 April 2019.

Gloves for Zimbabwe UK is a group of Zimbabweans resident in the United Kingdom led by Miriam Hakata and Conciliate Mukandatsama.

They have donated boxes of gloves shipped in from the UK to Zimbabwe.

They have decided to make the Gloves for Zimbabwe an ongoing effort.

Any Zimbabwean or friend of Zimbabwe in the UK who wants to be part of the gloves initiative can contact Miriam Hakata on +447985418603 or Conciliate Mukandatsama on +447958579193.

Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe is grateful for this donation, as gloves are desperately needed in Zimbabwe’s public hospitals.

When the Gloves for Zimbabwe UK donation was delivered from the airport, the gloves were immediately dispatched into wards as there was nothing according to hospital officials.

Babies are being delivered with bare hands, that is how bad it is.

This donation was shared by the five major hospitals, Harare, Parirenyatwa, Mpilo, Chitungwiza and United Bulawayo Hospitals.

Contact: Conciliate Mukandatsama and Miriam Hakata

5 April 2019

The Community of the Resurrection  £1000

The Community of the Resurrection is a long-established monastic brotherhood in the Church of England

Contact: Adele Hannah


31 March 2019

Zimbabwe Community in Denmark US$500

Contact: Linda Gono-Poulsen

Part of the gloves consignment donated from the UK